Denton Shotokan Karate Club

Whats Happening at Denton Shotokan

Second course with Sensei Kato 9th Dan
Sensei Kato was invited for a second time in March to the Denton Shotokan club for yet another course.


The fourth Karate course under Sensei Kato
The end of the fourth Karate course this year by Top master Sensei Kato 6th Dan I.J.K.A. 30,11,2012

New Friends
Three new friends from the Ukrine wanting to train at the DENTON SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB, ( Very strong Students 

Sensei Milena Galabova
World Champion Milena Galabova 4th Dan visits the Denton Dojo, with Sensei Kato 9th Dan



A very happy Sensei Milena
A very happy Sensei Milena 4th Dan with Sensei Tilley 6th Dan

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