Denton Shotokan Karate Club

Visiting Guests to Denton Shotokan

My Teacher Sensei S Kato

My Teacher for the last 30 years, Sensei S KATO 9th Dan, Chief Instructor of the International Japan Karate Association.


Sensei S Asano

A young Sensei Shiro Asano only one month out of Japan, back in the early days of my Karate training. I trained with Sensei Asano for three years. Sensei is now Chief Instructer of the S.K.I.  A master at one step sparring


Sensei Arimoto, Sensei Tilley, Sensei Kato

A young and fresh Sensei Arimoto 4th Dan, over from Japan teaching at the Famous DENTON SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB with my teacher Sensei Kato 9th Dan

Sensei Tilley & Chief Instructor of Pakistan JKA

A vist by the senior Instructor INAYAT ULLAH 4th Dan, of the Pakistan Shotokan Karate Association, arranging for Sensei Tilley to visit Pakistan for a training course



Sensei Kato, Sensei Kagawa, Sensei Tilley

Sensei KATO, TILLEY,  & KAGAWA (World Champion in Kata, Free Style Fighting) It does not seem possible that a man can move like this man can , his freestyle, and Kata was something to strive to and try to emulate. He is in a differant class.

Visiting J.K.A.Instructor at the DENTON SHOTOKAN

Sensei Kagawa J.K.A. and World Champion at the FAMOUS DENTON SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB  for Instruction. Taking the class through Kata, Free Style and Basic Movements.


Class Training with top J.K.A.Instructors

A group photograph of a class training session with Sensei Kagawa. One of the many highlights that happens at the Famous Denton Shotokan Karate Club


Sensei Tilley, Sensei Enoeda, Sensei Oniel

Training in my early days with the TIGER of SHOTOKAN KARATE the late Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda Chief Instructor of the K.U.G.B. who opend my new Dojo in Hyde, on his left - my personal friend Sensei T.O'Niel 8th Dan K.U.G.B


Training with Sensei Arimoto

A young and fresh Instructor straight out of Japan, his speed was something I could only wish for, yet a perfect gentleman, a wolf in sheeps clothing


Visting Instruction Senesi Kagawa

Sensei Kato (My teacher) myself, and Sensei Kagawa, after a three hour morning and three hour  afternoon training course, possibly one of the hardest courses I have attended at my Dojo. Reminds me of when I trained in Japan as a younger man.

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